TR107 Primavera Administration in P6

This two day course covers how to build enterprise data structures and configure settings to support an enterprise implementation. Among topics covered are; how to build and manage the EPS and OBS. Add users and configure security profiles, set enterprise data and default settings and support project management processes.

Learning Outcomes:
..Manage EPS & OBS
..Uninstall & Install Primavera P6
..Install Oracle Express and Microsoft SQL Express Databases
..Backup & Restore Primavera Databases
..Backup & Restore Primavera Databases

Profession Development and Continuing Education Units:
..Earns 13 PDUS

Prerequisite: A knowledge of Windows™
Course Length: 2 days

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Course Outline

.....At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

..Uninstall Primavera P6
..Install Primavera P6 Standalone with Oracle DB
..Upgrade P6 Client & Database
..Install MS SQL 2008 & Oracle DB Independently
..Create P6 New & Sample DB
..Migrate DB from Oracle DB to MS SQL DB
..Backup & Restore Oracle DB & MS SQL DB
..Primavera P6 Navigation Window
..Create User Accounts
..Setup User Security Profiles
..OBS & EPS User Security Restrictions
..Scripts & Background Jobs for Orphaned Records
..Import & Export P6 Projects

....Course Outline
..Uninstall Primavera P6

....Remove Primavera Database
....Remove Primavera P6 Client Tool

..Install Primavera P6 Standalone
....Install Oracle Database
....Install Primavera P6 Client Tool
....Connect P6 Client to Primavera Database

..Upgrade P6 Client & Database
....Upgrade P6v7 Client & Database to P6 R8.3.2

..Install MS SQL 2008 and Oracle Database
....Install MS SQL 2008 R2 Express Database
....Install Oracle 10g Express Database

..Create P6 Databases - New & Sample Data
....Create New P6 Blank Database
....Create New P6 Sample Projects Database

..Migrate DB from Oracle DB to MS SQL DB
....Identify Database Size Restrictions
....Migrate Oracle DB to a New MS SQL DB

..Backup & Restore a Oracle DB and MS SQL DB
....Create a MS SQL & Oracle DB Backup
....Restore a MS SQL & Oracle DB
....Connect P6 Client to restored databases

..P6 Client Navigation
.....Learn to navigate through the P6 Client

..Create User Accounts
....Create Primavera P6 user accounts

..User Security Profiles
....Create User Security Profiles
....Assign Security Profiles to Users

....Assign Users to a OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure)
....Assign Users to EPS, Projects & WBS
....Test User Project Restrictions

....Run scripts against the MS SQL & Oracle DB

..Import & Export

....Import & Export P6 Projects