Project Tracker

We have used our experience of the challenges facing project teams in tracking project progress and have developed a simple to use S-Curve generation application – Project Tracker.

Project Tracker is a Windows based application that imports project in-formation from Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Asta Powerproject to create S-Curves which are used to analyze the progress of the project.

An S-Curve is a graphical representation of cumulative costs, man hours or time measured against the overall project plan. It is an ideal tool for managers to quickly assess where the project stands in terms of completion,deadlines, and budget. Additionally many clients will ask for an S-Curve report as part of the regular progress update.

Traditional method s of exporting data to a spreadsheet requires a number of steps and a certain level of knowledge including how to add resources or costs to the plan, how to create time phased exports from the PM tool, how to open the data in the spreadsheet and how to create graphs from the data. Project Tracker eliminates all of these steps.

Aside from the number of steps required to export data from PM software to a spreadsheet; this method can be acceptable as a reporting medium but the problem is that the analytical possibilities are not available as the data is now disconnected from the actual plan.

Therefore rather than just importing the data required to plot a curve ,Project Tracker imports the activity data and is able to optionally plot a Gantt Chart under the S-Curve allowing the project manager to assess which activities may be causing issues and what action can be taken.

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Overlay Gantt Chart: Show late activities and Baseline dates



Demo Video of Project Tracker:

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