Oracle's Primavera P6 Analytics

Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics is a packaged business intelligence solution that provides valuable insights into your Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management project portfolio performance so you can uncover trends, discover the root cause of issues and forecast costs, helping you to drive efficiencies in your project processes by making better decisions about your projects.
Built on top of the Oracle Business Intelligence platform (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus), Primavera P6 Analytics comes packaged with a new updated version of the Primavera P6 Reporting Database. All of the data loading, data mapping, data models and dashboard reports you will need to start gaining unprecedented visibility into your Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management projects and portfolios is included.
Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics enables you to:

    • Uncover deep insights into projects as well as complete history and trends over time
    • Quickly identify potential performance issues
    • Effectively course-correct problems throughout the project lifecycle
    • Ultimately help you make better project portfolio decisions

    Utilize Industry Best-Practice Analytics

    • Access pre-built analytics and dashboards based on Oracle’s Primavera PPM best practices.
    • Leverage the power and flexibility of the Oracle Business Intelligence platform (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus) to add your own reports, scorecards and KPIs to the solution beyond the pre-configured set of dashboards you receive.

    Powerful Reporting Features

    • Start with a high-level portfolio view and navigate down to specific projects to uncover the causes of negative project performance. Then, drill into Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management from the Primavera P6 Analytics dashboard to take corrective action.
    • Quickly identify which projects are performing well and exceeding expectations, as well as those negatively affecting your portfolios, your budgets and your staffing issues.
    • Analyze early warning indicators for project and portfolio problem areas.

    Provide Transparency and Visibility into Project Portfolio Performance

    • Access published project performance indicators, trends, statistics and graphs through a convenient self-service portal.
    • Combine your project data with information from your ERP systems, financial data, or customer data to create a single, complete view of the truth across the enterprise to help you maximize efficiencies and return on investment.

    EPPM Security and Enterprise Reporting Performance

    • Provides business intelligence built on top of the Primavera P6 Reporting Database to easily report from dashboards and run ad-hoc queries, without sacrificing security and performance.
    • Utilize Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management detailed project portfolio security throughout the solution so that only privileged users have visibility into sensitive or confidential information.
    • Run dashboard reports and ad-hoc queries against active projects as well as your entire enterprise history of projects without negatively affecting performance on your live systems.

    Increase Productivity

    • By using a familiar web-based portal, solution is quick to learn, easy to access and navigate, and requires very little training.
    • Each dashboard report may be printed or saved directly to a number of popular formats including PDF, Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, HTML and others.

    Actionable Business Intelligence (BI)

    • Focus on and directly improve your project performance with early-warning indicators, trending and forecasting.
    • Link from Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus portal directly into the Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to course-correct projects.

    Receive automatic alerts regarding problem areas in your projects so you can take corrective action to keep your projects on track.